Terms & Conditions – Houseboat Rental Agreement

  1. Rental Period:
    The rental period begins at [ first day of hire, at 14:00] and ends at [last day of hire at 10:00].
    We require a 4-night minimum stay over our peak period
  2. Rental Fee:
    The agreed-upon rental fee is [amount], payable as follows: [payment details].
    A deposit of [$750] is required and to be paid via our website www.happydayshousebotat.com.au to confirm and secure your booking.
    Once this has been paid, an invoice will be generated for you to pay your final balance which is due 8 weeks prior to the hire period.
  3. Security Deposit:
    A security deposit of [$1500] is required on the day of arrival to the manager and will be refunded within [7] days after the rental period, minus any deductions for damages.
  4. Cancellation Policy:
    Please note that this cancellation policy association members, however member has the rights to individualise cancelation policies
    Cancellations made [90] days prior to the start of the rental period will receive a full refund. Cancellations made after that will result in the forfeiture of the rental fee unless a replacement booking is secured.
    Cancellations notified less than 90 days and more than 45 days prior departure will forfeit all money paid, unless the houseboat can be rebooked for its full hire fee, in which case all moneys will be returned, less $100 cancellation fee
    Cancellation notified less that 45 days prior to departure will forfeit all moneys, unless the houseboat can be rebooked for its full hire fee, in which case all moneys will be returned, less $150 cancellation fee
  5. Houseboat Usage:
    The houseboat shall only be used for recreational purposes and in compliance with the laws and regulations of Australia. It shall not be used for any illegal or commercial activities.
    Any person driving a houseboat must be over the age of 18 years and hold either a current drivers or boat operators’ licence and .05 driving laws apply.
    Travel at night is strictly forbidden.
    Instruction on handling the houseboat is given before departure.
    All fuel used during the hire period will be paid for by the hirer at the completion of hire.
    NO animals, firearms, chainsaws, or motor bikes permitted on board.’
    Smoking inside the houseboat is NOT permitted and additional cleaning fees will apply.
  6. Maintenance and Repairs:
    The renter agrees to inform the owner promptly of any damage or malfunction. The owner will cover the cost of repairs due to normal wear and tear, while the renter will be responsible for any damages resulting from negligence or misuse.
  7. Houseboat Return:
    The renter agrees to return the houseboat, including all accessories and equipment, in the same condition as received.
    The houseboat must be returned in good clean condition, or an extra cleaning charge will apply.
  8. Insurance:
    The renter is responsible for obtaining insurance coverage for personal belongings and activities on the houseboat. The owner is not liable for any loss or damage to the renter’s personal property.
  9. Houseboat Capacity:
    The number of persons MUST NOT exceed the number of berths under the Marine & Harbours regulations. Overcrowding is strictly prohibited. Children under 12 months of age are excluded.
  10. Compliance with Laws:
    The renter agrees to comply with all applicable Australian laws and regulations during the rental period, including navigation rules and safety regulations set forth by Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).
  11. Termination of Agreement:
    The owner reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement and repossess the houseboat if the renter fails to comply with the terms and conditions.
  12. Governing Law:
    This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the relevant state or territory in Australia.