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Welcome to Happy Days Houseboat!

Are you seeking an unforgettable experience traversing the Murray River? Happy Days houseboats have the perfect solution with our luxurious houseboat hire! Happy Days Houseboats have ten to twelve premier Murray River Houseboats available in the picturesque Renmark, South Australia. Additionally, you can enjoy Happy Days Houseboat hire all year round, perfect for any occasion on the beautiful Murray River. Furthermore, as you travel through the Murray River you will be in awe of the exclusive views and landscape which can only be witnesses onboard Happy Days Renmark houseboats.

What makes Happy Days us the perfect Renmark houseboat adventure?

Happy Days houseboats are the only way to be gifted with some of the most exclusive and magical experiences to be had in the Murray River Region. From the moment you come aboard, you will be pleased to discover the luxurious quality and comfort provided by Happy Days houseboat hire. In addition, we can provide the capacity for up to 12 individual passengers in five bedrooms to sleep everyone with ample space. For extra comfort, we also have two separate bathrooms, and showers to make your trip with Happy Days House Boats one you will never forget. Moreover, you will have the choice to create magical moments with luxurious benefits such as the 12-seating dining table, renovated kitchen including new appliances, as well as entertainment systems found within a modern décor fitted lounge area. Casting our gaze on the top deck, you will experience heaven on earth as you enjoy an 8-person jacuzzi, complete with its own entertainment and seating section. Happy Days Houseboats luxury houseboat hire infused with the serenity and beautiful landscape of the stunning Murray River combine to give you the perfect family or social getaway you will never forget.

Why Choose Happy Days?

Happy Days Houseboats provides you with unforgettable memories that your family or friends will cherish for years to come. In addition, our houseboat hire is the exclusive solution to be able to give you these incredible experiences that you can have in the Murray River Region. Furthermore, each of our houseboats can fit up to 12 people and includes 5 private bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 showers. Thus, catering for the largest family, or a large social event both large and small. In addition, at the front of the boat is a recently renovated kitchen, dining, and lounge area. Including, a massive 12 person dining table, modern cooking appliances, comfortable lounge furniture, and extensive entertainment systems to create the perfect environment for your family or friend getaway. Up at the top deck, entertainment level enjoys an 8-person jacuzzi spa. Additionally, this level comes complete with its own audio system and additional outdoor seating area which creates the perfect setting as you cruise down the beautiful Murray River. All these exciting factors considered, it’s no surprise that Happy Days Houseboats are so widely renowned for providing top tier events for all occasions. We would love to gift your family or group of friends with an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting memory full of wonder and adventure.

What are your Houseboat Hire Rates?

A full list of our houseboat hire pricing can be found detailed below. In addition, when making a booking to rent our houseboats the pricing is dependent on some variable factors such as:

  • The rental date.
  • The total duration of time renting.
  • Additionally, if the rental period is over a holiday

At Happy Days we accept the following payment options:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card
  • EFT
  • Money Orders
What Do the Happy Days Houseboats Look Like?

Words simply do not do our houseboats justice. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out our picture gallery for images to envision your next holiday onboard a luxury Happy Days Houseboats. Including, the comfortable and beautifully décor accommodation, and impressive extras could look like. Our houseboats are located on Murray River and are newly refurbished to provide you with the best riverside experience.

Why Murray River?

The Murray River is the longest river in Australia, which has an incredible variety of different experiences to enjoy both on a family getaway or on a social adventure with friends. Rich in history, the Murray River is the longest river in Australia. Renowned for the waters provision of endless outdoor activities, events, and fun. All of this and more can be discovered for families up to 12 onboard. If you would like to plan an unforgettable trip for your next family or social trip, indulge in the wonders onboard Happy Days Houseboats hire. Contact our friendly team on 0418 804 558 to plan the next dream holiday for your family or friends on board the incredible Happy Days Houseboats.

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