Luxury Houseboats Murray River

Luxury Houseboats Renmark- Murray River- South Australia

Holiday Houseboats Renmark- Murray River- South Australia

At Happy Days we happily provide both families, and groups of friends with some of the largest luxury houseboats Murray River. Additionally, our luxury houseboats South Australia are available to rent in Renmark, South Australia. Conveniently, Happy Days Houseboats is located on the Murray River at a very popular tourist town, bordering the two states of N.S.W and South Australia.

Our houseboats fit 8-12 people, perfect for couple getaways or family and friend gatherings of all group sizes. Moreover, each of Happy Days Houseboats provides you with incredible luxuries which will add the finishing touch to your incredible getaway adventure including;

  • Experience a luxury houseboats Murray River holiday in comfort with 5 private rooms, kitchen, dining and lounge rooms.
  • The provision of incredible options with a luxury spa and jacuzzi on the rooftop of the boat.
  • Each room offers panoramic views for you to enjoy as you float down the beautiful and scenic landscape of the Murray River.
  • Our luxury houseboats Murray River hire is guaranteed to provide your group with a regal experience. Exploring the scenic landscapes, beaches, and parks located along the Murray River Region.

Happy Days Houseboats will have you starting your incredible experience in Renmark, New South Wales.
Renowned widely in Australia as a popular destination for tourists to come and enjoy unique experiences found no-where else. Especially, in relation to those who crave and seek out water sport activities such as wakeboarding, water skiing, canoeing, and kayaking. Additionally, as you traverse down the river in both comfort and style, you'll have a chance to check out numerous nature spots, beaches, picnic and camping sites, parks, and hikes scattered along the river region.
You can be sure that Happy Days Houseboats will facilitate an exciting and unique experience, catering for all group sizes and desires.
Furthermore, while our luxury on the Murray houseboats are available year-round, we offer the perfect holiday houseboat experience for when you want to go on an unforgettable vacation getaway. In addition, Happy Days Houseboats rental rates vary depending on the season and amount of rental time that you require on your incredible getaway.
For more information check out our hire rates for comprehensive pricing information.

Our Mini Happy Houseboat History

Happy Days Houseboats changed from our original name Moon Shadow houseboats, where we historically operated out of Kia Marina in South Australia. However, since then we relocated our company to the incredible Renmark, South Australia. Thus, Moon Shadow is no more, as we are now proudly Happy Days Houseboats located in Renmark.
Operating for years on the beautiful Murray River, we know how to give you the best holiday possible.
You can rest assured that when you plan your next holiday getaway with Happy Days Houseboats, you will experience an adventure like no other.

Happy Days, House Boats you can Trust!

At Happy Days we are a proud member of the Houseboat Hirers Association. Ever since 1982, the HHA is an association that believes in taking environmental responsibility by aiming to diminish the negative environmental effect travellers might have on the Murray River Region.
Furthermore, HHA has recently consolidated to become a part of the broader Boating Industry Association of Australia. Additionally, planning to create a national houseboat division in Australia.
At Happy Days we believe in preserving our local aquatic habitat now and for future generations to come, which is why we proudly align with the HHA. As such, you can be comfortable with the knowledge that not only are you going to experience a once in a lifetime adventure, you will look after the planet at the same time.
Have you any questions or interested in booking one of our luxury houseboats Murray River for your next trip? Our friendly team are always happy to answer any queries from our clients. Simply get in contact with us today and give us a call at 0418 804 558.

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